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Wings roundels and black undersides

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Hi again in my blog.

Today I will describe how I painted the roundels on the wings and the black undersides of the wing.

I will start with the roundels.

This is how the one on the right wing looks like finished.

The way to achieve this finish started with the application of the masks. Again I realized that the diameter of the masks out of the TopNotch set was nearly 15 mm too wide. But since I also found out that the dimensions varied during production of the real aircraft I used them as they were supplied. The application was not easy since they are very big and you have to avoid any distortion. Another thing is that the boundary crosses a hinge-cover of the aileron. This means that I had to make a cut-out and use Tamiya-Tape to fill the gap:

right wing

left wing

This was followed by the obligatory preshading because the roundels need the same weathering as the camouflage:

right side

left side

Then I started with the painting of the red dot in the middle applying the base color and then a lightened shade followed by the blending in:

Following this I masked the dot in the center using the lines I drew on the masks prior to application:

The basic roundel blue was painted on then followed by a lighter shade and blending in:

After that had dried overnight I removed the masks.

The result came out like you can see on the first picture of this post and here is a picture of the other side:

and in addition 2 pictures of the wings attached to the fuselage:

After this had dried I started with the preparation for the painting of the wing undersides by masking the upper wing.

It took an evening to apply since there are a lot of sharp demarcation lines that have to be masked:

the ailerons:

and the flaps:

Then I started with the application of RAF night to the undersides. Since I don’t want to bore you I just post some images of the progress using the method already described:

a) basic color:

b) lighter shade applied:

c) final result after blending in:

This was all for this time.

In the next post I will show you how I painted the walkways on and the jack-lines under the wings and the tailplane.

I will also tell you about the problems I had

with the installation of the flaps.

Have a nice weekend and see you again soon.

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