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Turning Cold white light into warm white light

We deliver all LEDs in white color, to be certain that the light intensity will be constant accross the whole configuration. Otherwise, for a similar voltage, cold colours such as green will be more intense than warm colours such as Red.

Regarding white, there are different whites :

  • Cold white is more bleue-ish

Dedicated to modern lights, it will also be considered for high intensities such as Landing lights, or flashing beacons for example

  • Warm white (on the left of the picture below) is quite yellowish.Definitively fitting any lights prior the 1980ies or ideal for cosy effects.

Cold white light can be turned into Warm white,

but Warm white CAN NOT be turned in Cold white

This example illustrates the importance of choosing the appropriate kind of light. When prototyping the elctronic set dedicated to the 1/32 Lanc, we have taken what was available in the lab. The outcome shows how much cold white is not ideal for the cabin lights of such a venerable WWII airplane.

As modeller, how shall we convert a White Cold LED into a White Warm LED ???

Dead simple ... By using coloured clears

Prepare a mix of 75% of Tamiya clear X22 and 25% of Tamiya Clear Yellow X24

Dip the bulb of your LED into it,

Allow 30 mins of dry time and lit it of a trial

Whenever required, increase the quantity of Tamiya Clear Yellow X24

Ooooopppsssss ... Let's imagine that you have overpassed the yellowish aspect ... No panic, Just clean you LED with alcool or acrylic thinner, and have a new run

Coloring LEDs in Red or Green is the same approach, but by using Tamiya

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