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Identifying the ideal SPEAKER(s) for your Scale Airplane model ?

Depending of the model choosen, Magic Scale Modeling provides a full range of high quality speakers :

· 23 mm for 1/48th scale range and 1/32 Inline engines

· 28 mm for 1/32 scale radial engines

· 40 mm for future projects (Helicopters?)

· 50 mm for large 1/32 Bombers

· 60 mm for 1/200 U-boats.

The larger and the deeper the Speaker will be, the better ...

But, as every magic come to a price, the external volume of the speaker will be proportional to its performances.

Most of our electronic sets including sound and dedicated to 1/32 scale are based on the 28mm diameter full range speaker, which, considering its huge qualities, can be really considered as our ideal work horse.

Most of the time, a 1/32 scale model of a radial engine airplane such as F4U Corsair, P-47 Thunderbolt or Sky Raider will offer all the volume requested to host our 28mm speaker.

But it may not if you go your plastic model has already a detailed engine for example, or if you add aftermarket details, or even if you have chosen a very thin aircraft such as the Messerschmitt 109 or a WWI airplane.

And ... This is where the very performing 23mm speaker(s) comes in the picture ...

There are a few millimetres difference in Diameter between the 2 speakers, but a huge difference in height makes the 23mm able to fit almost everywhere ...As you can see here, the 28mm can fit properly, which my also be the case for a P-51 or Spitfire, for example.

Therefore, we can move to smaller speakers as the 23mm one.Full range as well, similar sound quality but 20% less loud. Which is still good enough for 1/32 scale. He is the one it will fit everywhere.

So, let’s considere 3 Different options :

A) One single Speaker of 28mm

This is default value considered in most of our configuration. It is just Ideal when it fits

B) One single Speaker of 23mm

The 23mm speaker can sneak almost everywhere : Behind the firewall, sometimes in the engine, under the cockpit floor and so on ... Ideally speaking, try to get it as close as possible of the location of the real engine

When the 28mm will deliver up to 70 db, the 23mm will deliver between 10 and 15% lesser.

But the quality of the sound and the sound level are still a perfect match to the scale

C) TWO Speakers of 23mm

One of two speakers will not make a very big difference for the sound level, but the quality will improve when you can place the two speakers at equal distances but as close a possible of the location of the real engine

The example show here is based on the very tiny Messerschmidt Bf109 c-10 (Revell). The engine compartment as the wings are very, very tiny.

If you want to add a detailed resin engine, your sole option will be to place the sound in the wings ... by balancing it between 2 speakers at equal distance

By default, we are providing the 28mm, but our Circuit board can host up to 2 speakers ...

Make your choice

Once again, do not hesitate to come back for any guidance and/or advise. You are Anytime welcome by email, Facebook chat, Message on our Website, phone or mobile (GMT+1)

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