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Nico Van Brabant

Nico lives close to St Truiden (Belgium) and is now 42 (2018).

Modeler since his childhood, he loves very large scale Jets and is use to allign his masterpieces upgraded with our electronics in local and national competitions.

Student in Monumental Arts, Nico has started an incredible project :

The reproduction of a Combat mission involving three british Tornados

of the XV Squadron flying over Muharrag, Iraq, on 17 January 1991.

Tornado GR Mk1 registered ZD791 BG has been hit by Flak fire.
One of the sidewinter missiles explodes and destroy the plane in flight.

Flight Lieutenants John Peters and Adrian 'John' Nichol successfully
ejects while the plane goes down in fire.

That is exactly the moment that Nico is capturing and reproducing ...
Work in progress, but the picture above shows already the dramatic
condition of the plane once hit.

Nico's creativity is ... unleashed. Part of the project, Nico will combine three Tornados : The crashing one at 1/32 scale and the others at 1/48th and 1/72 scale. The final diorama will mesure 2+ meters long for 1.5 meter large and 2.80 meter high ...

It will combine Flammes, ejection seats, parachutes, navigation lights, diorama

and of course ... Revell plastic models

Definitively Monumental Art ....

We are REALLY proud to participate and support Nico with
our electronics


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