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    Bernard Demer


                          aged of 50 (2020), I live in Belgium, in the region of Liège. As far as I remember, I’ve always been modelling plastic kits.

When I was a little boy, the final objective was to spend time and generate something out with a glue tube and easy plastic spurs. Does not bother too much about details.

As the time goes by, time for new challenges with various kind of kits.

Of course, prices are higher, but quality and variety has evolved a lot and it gives new possibility to build more accurate kits. The spirit that is animating me is still the same as before.

Adding details to match as close as possible reality; finding out documentation from books; searching Internet for photo’s is now the new plastic kit environment.

Once upon a time, I really fell in love with modern tanks, especially Russian ones. How not to be impressed by a 90 tons beast, able to shoot down a target at 3 km and running on tracks at 60 km per hour!

But also, what about jet airplanes! Making flying 15 tons of metal is an outrageous bet against any laws of physics! And it works pretty well. They are birds of steel, high above in the sky.


Then I met Magic Scale Modeling ...

Come a new set of successful and passionate stories to integrate electronic and movement to static plastic kits. As Richard is pleased to say, I am his testing pilot, always ready for new missions. Sometime Kamikaze missions but we just unleash our imagination to push the known limits further.




Bernard's has build models for Revell as well, which have been exposed to major world wide professional  modeling events such as International Toy fairs of Nuremberg & London, IPMS nationals such as Telford ...

Bernard Demer Mig 19 1-32 Trumpeter
Bernard Demer Mig 21 1-32 Trumpeter
Bernard Demer A-10 1-32 Trumpeter
Bernard Demer Portrait
Bernard Demer RUssian Terminator 1-35 Me
Bernard Demer TOS 1A 1-35 Trumpeter
Bernard Demer T90 MS 1-35 Trumpeter
Bernard Demer Flower Class Corvette 1-72
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