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     Kai Reckstadt

Aircraft fascinated me since I was a little boy. In my hometown we had a

Fighter-Bomber-Wing flying G-91’s and I could see them flying missions

every day.


I started modelling at the age of 6 – back in 1967 - and at that time, it took

me no longer than a couple of days and sometimes even hours to complete

a model. 


My favourie scale even at that time was 32nd and WW2-Aircraft I liked

most due to variety of types, camouflages and Revell-Kits which lay within the possibilities of my pocket-money.

I am also a fan of modern Luftwaffe-Aircraft, since I worked in a FBW as a

Technical Officer for a couple of years.


Times have changed alot since then but I still remember building brush-painted models without resin- or brass-parts and detailing them with simple scratch-build add-ons.


Modelling for me today is much more than only gluing parts together and

painting them. I try to get as much information as possible about the aircraft

I want to build including its development, engineering and the pilot and his

personal aircraft. Research in the internet and reading books is the basis

before I start with a kit.


I also want to try a new technique with every model I build. These so far included

scratchbuilding, working with resin- and brass-parts, painting- and weathering-

techniques, building dioramas and – last but not least – bringing life to the

model by implemening light, movement and sound.


Fortunately last year when I was in Telford with my friends and first-class-mo-

dellers Olaf and Sven Müller I got to know Richard and his beautiful electronic kits.


On this occasion the idea was born to build a Dambuster-Lancaster with his

newly developed kit and using the HK 32nd scale model as the basis.


In my blog I want to share with you the progress of the build with all the short-

comings of the kit and challenges I had to face, mishaps and extra-miles I went

through to complete my first model with electronics. Thanks or sharing and

happy modelling...

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