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New products

1/32 F8 Crusader with sound

F8 Crusader 1-32 SOUND v1.1.jpg

1/32 Eurofighter Typhoon with sound

Euroflighter Typhoon 1-32 SOUND BoxArt V1.0.jpg

1/32 F4 Phantom with sound

F4 BoxART With sound v1.0.jpg
B-17 3 kits détouré.png

1/48 B-17

Revell, Monogram,

HK Models

1/32 WWII fighters multiple soundtracks

000 Spitfire BoxArt V5-01.xls.jpg

1/32 F-16 with sound

BOX art F16 1-32  SOUND Lights & Box V5.

1/32 F-104 Starfighter with sound

000 F4UCorsair BoxArt.jpg
P51 BoxArt.jpg
000 F104G BoxArt v3 WITH soudn logo.jpg
Tornado BoxArt Sound V1-01.jpg

1/32 Panavia Tornado with sound

1/72 Airbus A400M

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