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One Magic Dream

One Magic Team

Magic Scale Modeling design, produce, commercialize and support Electronic add-ons dedicated to large scale Plastic modeling.

A bunch of modelers and IT/Electronic specialist have combined both disciplines to push Plastic modeling a few miles further like Resin add-ons or photo-etchning did in the 1970ies

Both are part of our DNA ...

magic team.png

Richard and Françoise are the founders of Magic Scale Modeling. They have begun this story.

Richard’s task is to develop the Vision and organize the Operational part.

Françoise is responsible for the administration, finances, Quality Control and expeditions.

Nicolas is the technical brain of the Magic Team. He is continuously developing new products and exploring new technologies to insert more Magic in your kits.

Gilles is the very first employee of the Magic Team. He prepares your orders with love and care. He is also responsible for Inventory management.

Last but not least, the early adopters.Those champions are ready to test the final proof of concept of our Magic products.

​​​​​​​​​Our goal is to enable Advanced plastic modelers from any understanding of Electricity or Electronics by creating special effects such as, for example for Airplanes,  lights & engine sequencing, realistic gun fire by synchronized light & sound, or even a full life cycle including synchronized light & sound for the Wonderful 1/48 Trumpeter Uboat-VII.

Our kits are complete End to end solutions, Plug & Play, providing fool proof, dead simple, safe, reliable, well documented and top shelve quality performances at decent prices.

Every kit produced will be as accurate as possible by respecting as well the performances and technical characteritics of the real scale original as the scale effect expected for a scale model.

As we loooove most of the Plastic models ever produced, we are considering to extend our Catalog as far as we can in areas such as Airplanes, Cars & Trucks, Militaria, Fantasy and Science-Fiction

Françoise and myself looove travelling and visiting to gather documentation in order to gain maximal accuracy in our kits,

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