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Andrew Nottage

 I've been aircraft obsessed since being a small boy and spent my childhood and all my pocket money making Airfix Revell and Matchbox kit (to a not very good standard - speed was my only goal). 


Years passed and I eventually achieved my dream of being paid to fly for a living.  I currently fly Boeing 737 freighters around the European skies at night. 

A few years ago I found myself with a lot of spare time to kill (before children and puppy arrived) so I bought a model kit for fun. I enjoyed it some much I bought an airbrush and didn't look back. 


When I have the time, I find construction relaxing but it's the painting and weathering I really enjoy.


I stumbled upon Magic Scale Modeling and just had to try and bring my big Mosquito kit to life.







Now I cannot imagine building a kit which I cannot make move, illuminate or make sound.

We neither ... (lol)

Andy has been kind enough to pioneer our brand new system syhnchronizing Lights, electric engines and sound on his beautiful

1/32 scale Tamiya Mossie

WONDERFULL WORK ... Congratulations, really

and many thanks for sharing

IMG_3567 (1).jpg
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