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The Lancaster project ...

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

When HK Models and WingNuts have announced the production of 1/32 scale models of the Lancaster, our blood has immediately started to boil ...

Our target is to produce an electronic set driving lights and the start-up sequence of the 4 roaring Merlin engines, based on real sound tracks.

Both prototypes were on display at IPMS Telford 2018, and .... Waaaaaoooooooowwwwww ... What a level of detail ...

For such legends, accuracy is more important than ever. Therefore, nothing better that meeting the real airplane at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre where the NX611 has been restored and beautifully preserved as 'Just Jane' in runway condition.

Thanks to Andrew, we had a privileged access to the airplane during the start up sequence of the Merlins. That is key to record the engines in good condition with no alteration due to enthusiastic comments of hand claps and so on. We had also the benefit of Andrew's expertise commenting the different steps of the roll-out.

Once back in the lab, the team meet and start to work out on prototypes ...

  • 3D Printed parts to host the engines, align the propellers, dashboards ...

  • LEDs and electric engines

  • Soundtrack rework

  • Programming of the Circuit board

  • Tuning & Validation with the experts of the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre

and so much more ... Having fun in anyway

What are the next steps ???

Bernard builds up the HK Model, including to validate the new Electronic set. See his progresses in the dedicated blog

The goals are :

- to add the electronic set to our catalog by August 2019

- to display the painted model at IPMS Telford 2019

- to offer the model to the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre by Xmas 2019

These guys do have the real scale aircraft in their collection ... but they don't roll it out or even run the engines every day ... Our Model will then take over and play the role of demonstrator ...

Watch out for the progress ...

Thanks for watching

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