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HK Models 1/32 Lancaster Model - Day 7 - Cabling

The wires from the wings have to be connected to the circuit which will take place inside the fuselage.

We have to drill holes inside wings connections .

The LED of the left side fuselage is shown in the following video.

Pay attention that the LED wires of the fuselage 'lamps' have to be directed to the wings , to be 'joined' together. See details in future posts.

HERE : Coming soon : Videos

The electronic circuit is composed of 'gates'. Each gates will be connected to engines or LED wires.

There are 2 "rows" of each gates. E.g there are 2 gates #0; 2 gates #1 , ...

Each gate will produce a specific effect.

In this huge Lancaster, there are more LED wires than gates on the electronic circuit.

That's the reason why a 'join' is needed to group cables that should be connected to one gate.

Pay attention to identify each cables. I use a piece of tape and write the number on it.

The tail leds are supposed to be centered.

It will be quite hard to insert centered LEDs on half fuselage.

We choose a 'workaround' by drilling holes as close as possible of the half fuselage.

On the following video, you will see the right fuselage cabling (COMING SOON)

Speakers in the wings.

Place a double face tape on the speaker before inserting it in the wings

To be continued ...

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