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HK Models 1/32 Lancaster Model - Day 6 - Wing and engine bays

The engine you have updated at Day 5 will be put inside the engine bay.

2 are just engine bay; one left and one right.

2 are also the wheel bay.

Make a hole to allow the electric engine cables to pass from the engine bay to the wings.

For the engine bays + wheel bays, you have to drill quite large holes to allow all cables to join the fuselage. There will be 8 cables (2 + 2 for engines; 2 for the speaker; 2 for the wing navigation light).

Take care to avoid any wire potential mess !

Don't forget to identify cables (engine no #, nav light, speaker ...)

It will be helfull when connecting to eletronic circuit

Navigation light

Leds provided in the Magic Lancaster kit are cold white.

The navigation lights have to be colored in red and green using the Tamiya clear colors (or another band if you prefer).

The round edge part of the wing has to be drilled to allow the led to be visible.

Drill 1.2mm

Glue the wire of the led with resin glue (+ UV blue light)

Important note : test all light before fixing it

to be continued ...

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1 comentario

Kevin Gould
Kevin Gould
29 ene 2022

If the wing is molded in 1 piece how do you feed cables/wiresthrough wing ?

Me gusta
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