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HK Models 1/32 Lancaster Model - Day 5 - Engines

We are building a version that will not show the interior of the engine bays. All maintenance panels will be closed, as if the plane was ready to take off.

Therefore, engines and its accessory will be build on a minimal point of view.

Follow the next instructions to update the parts for the engine itself.

We are quite lucky with this model : when the cylindrical electric engine is placed inside the inner part of the HKM engine, the engine axis is correctly centered.

This will help the blades to turn correctly.

Pay attention: photos enclosed are showing the big electric engine device used for our prototype. The definitive kit you have received contains a smaller engine, far more performant and less energy consuming.

The 3d plastic printed part below is delivered to enclose the small electric engine inside HKM parts:

You will now remove the plastic disc at the bottom and insert the small electric engine:

The next step is to prepare the propeller adaptor:

Make sure that the axis can rotate without any friction when the engine is positioned inside the inner part of the HKM engine.

If the axis cannot spin freely you have to enlarge the diameter of the hole in order to keep at least 0.5mm clearance.

to be continued ...

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