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HK Models 1/32 Lancaster Model - Day 4 - Pilot instrument panel & Turrets

To allow light transparency on the pilot main instrument panel, we have to update the plastic part provided by HKM.

First, we have to sand all the details of the front part. Those details will be provided by the more accurate Airscale metal part.

The inner part of the pilot instrument have to removed, leaving a small border of plastic all around. This will be useful to glue the metal part later.

Pay attention not to remove the 'box' for the engine controller.

Problem when lightning the pilot instruments panel will appear then putting led lights.

Certainly 2 will be needed to maximize effects.

We have to be sure that those 2 led will not be visible from below of the panel.

To solve it, we have to scratch built a box that will take place on the back of the panel.

Use the metal part to draw the back panel of the box.

I use Evergreen plastic rods 030 x 060 to build the depth of the box. Bend it as much as needed to ease the gluing. I have used gel cyanoacrylate.

Place the back panel

And last but not least, 3 machine gun turrets.

To be continued ...

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