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HK Models 1/32 Lancaster Model - Day 3 - Cockpit control pannels

Assembly of pieces in the cockpit, for bomber officer (I suppose)

Piece X8 should be updated to allow light transparency.

As for the previous similar parts, apply Airscale decal on a clear plastic sheet.

We can see that the new metal part is more detailed than the original HKM one

We have to sand the face of the X8 plastic part. The metal part will come over it.

We also need to remove the above plastic to allow light to come througt the instruments

When we apply the metal part, the decal on its clear sheet and the plastic boy of X8, here is the result : looks nice and bright !

To end day 3, the result of the front cockpit assembly.

The 2 panel instruments that will be illuminated are not glued yet. We have to wait for electric wire and led to be placed inside.

To be continued ....

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