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Getting started with the HK Lancaster Dambuster

Welcome to my blog in which I will describe the building of HK’s big 32nd Scale

Lancaster Dambuster.

This is the biggest model I ever built and on top it’s the first model in which

I will integrate light, sound and movement by using Richards set for the

32nd Scale HK Lancaster.

As usual when I start a new build I start searching for informations in the

internet and try to find some books about the topic.

Since I want to build a Dambuster Lancaster it is necessary to get informations

regarding this special type of which only 23 were ever built.

My bible for this build is the fantastic book „Dambuster Lancaster“ written by

Mark Postlethwaite and Piotr Forkasiewicz in which you find all details of the

Type 464 (Provisioning) as it was called.

This book gives you a deep view inside a Dambuster and its specific differences

to a normal Lancaster as well as the „bouncing bomb“ and its related equipment

and last but not least the individual history of each aircraft of the Dams Raid and

their crews.

This book is not only a must when you want to build a Dambuster Lancaster in any scale

but also for enthusiasts who are interested in the history and technology behind it.

For further detailing of the model the book „Avro Lancaster“ by Jarrod Cotter and Paul Blackah is highly recommended. This book describes in detail all the components of

a Lancaster and its functions based on one of the 2 remaining airworthy examples

of the Lancaster, the BBMF-Aircraft. A lot of photos and drawings are included helping

a lot also to understand the function of details you want to add to the model.

Last thing I can highly recommend is the panoramic workaround of the taxiable Lancaster example „Just Jane“ by Harald Joergens ( This is

simply amazing and absolutely necessary for detailing the inside and especially also

regarding the painting of the interior and its components.

This is all for now. Next step will be to start with the examination of the parts, the

instructions and the aftermarket add-ons which are useful to improve the model.

See you soon...

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