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Fin-flashes and RAF Night for the fuselage

Welcome back to my blog.

This time I will show you how I applied the RAF Night to the fuselage and airbrushed the fin-flashes to the tail.

I will start with the painting of the fuselage in RAF Night.

First step was to mask the finished camouflage on the top of the fuselage with masking-tape:

Next came the preshading of the panel-lines. One may ask why I didn’t do it together with the preshading of the top fuselage. The simple answer is that I tested and decided this when I painted RAF Night to the tail and found out that it is possible to airbrush with preshading.

This is the result:

Then I applied the RAF Night with the same method as described in my last post.

Here are some pictures of the result.

It came out as I expected it to be:

Left tail

Left central fuselage

Left forward fuselage

Right tail

Right central fuselage

Right forward fuselage

And here are some pictures from the underside:


Aft bomb bay

Forward bomb bay

view of the complete bottom

After having finished the painting I moved over to the application of the 4 fin-flashes.

As already stated there are only 2 included in the TopNotch-Set and they have the wrong shape. Sean from TopNotch provided me with corrected masks in huge quantities. Thanks again Sean.

First I applied the outside mask and then masked all the remaining areas:

Then I started with the white stripe in the center followed by the red and finally by the blue area. The colors I used were:

  1. Tamiya flat white (XF-2)

  2. Tamiya royal blue (X-3) lightened with a few drops of Tamiya flat white to come close to WW II roundel blue

  3. Gunze Brown (H7)

This is how it looked like after these steps:

After removal of the masks I realized some small overspray which I had to correct. In the same session I also lightened the blue and the red.

This is how it looks like finished:

This was all for today.

In the next post I will describe how I applied the roundels and the markings for Guy Gibsons personal aircraft to the fuselage which was challenging in some aspects.

I wish you a nice weekend and hope to

see you soon again in my blog.

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