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Dark Green for the wings

Welcome back to my blog. This weekend you will see how I painted the wings with the dark green color.

First of all I searched in my books and the internet regarding the color-scheme of the upper wings. I found a lot of fotos some of which are really very good:

I compared these to the TopNotch-Masks and soon found out that I had to adapt the masks on both sides of the wings.

Luckily Shawn included an extra sheet of vinyl-masking so that I didn‘t have to use my kabuki-tape. What is astounding is that some of the masks are too small and do not reach the demarcation-line between the upper and lower colors of the wing.

Here are some pictures of the masking- process showing what I had to add/ correct:

left wing

right wing

All masks marked with an „X“ were added from me. As you can see these are quite a lot! Additionally I had to use my masking-tape in some areas, especially the ailerons.

Due to the extra-work the job of applying the masks was really time-consuming!

Again room for improvement TopNotch !

All masks were rubbed down to the surface at their edges with a cotton-swab.

Next thing was to preshade the areas unmasked before the application of the dark green color. This job took a long time since there are lots of panellines on the wings:

left wing

right wing

After this had completely dried, I sanded the surface smooth with a 12.000 grid sanding-cloth. This results in a perfect surface for the painting.

Then I started with the application of the dark green basic color from the RC-Line of AK diluted with 50% Mr. Color Levelling Thinner. This was followed by spraying a lightened shade of dark green (30:70, Color:Thinner) to the panels. Finally I blended everything in with a 80:20 diluted mix of thinner and the basic color. Same procedure as already used for the fuselage and tail.

Here are some pictures of the result:

left wing

right wing.

After having dried overnight I removed the masks. This is always threatening because you do not know if the color ran under some masks and if all color remains on the model when removing the masks.

I was lucky since nothing of the 2 happened. Regarding these problems the masks from TopNotch are perfect since none occurred. The result looked convincing to me:

left wing

right wing

As a final step I attached the wings to the fuselage to check if the achieved result for the wings matched with the result for the fuselage and if the demarcation-line between the colors and the wings-to-fuselage connection was ok.

This model is so big that I had to move from my modelling-room in the cellar to our big room in the cellar for taking these pictures:

left side

right side

and topside. 1m wingspan needs space...😉

I hope that you also like how it turned out.

This was all for today.

Next time I will show you how I painted and weathered the roundels on the wings

and how I painted the black undersides of the wings.

Have a nice weekend and hoping to having you soon again back reading my blog.

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