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Cockpit-Preparation and attaching Cables-Extension

Nice to have you again reading my blog.

Today I will describe, how I prepared the cockpit for guiding of the cabling and how I integrated the cables-extension in the wing-connection of the fuselage.

Since the finished model is too big for transportation when the wings are attached (nearly 1m wingspan = nearly 39 inches!) we decided from the beginning, that the wings - and therefore also the electronics - have to be detachable. The model itself offers a bayonet lock which

allows the wings to be attached and detached. So no extra work needed here. This meant that it was „only“ necessary to make cable-extensions and a plug-system.

Again a big „thank you“ goes to my friend Sven who supplied me with the necessary parts and photos since he prepared 2 sets (one for his Dambuster and one for mine).

But first I want to describe how I prepared the cockpit for guiding the cables to the main board in the back of the bomb-bay.

Based on photos I got from Sven I began to make big holes for the cables and their plugs:

The big hole on the port side is for guiding the cable-extension from the wing-attaching-point to the main board.

The small one is for the cable from the main service panel.

Holes on the starboard side for the cables from navigators- and wireles-operators office.

And the big hole for the cables from the cockpit and bomb-aimers-compartment.

All holes were sanded smooth to prevent the cables from being cut by sharp edges.

Next step was to prepare the fuselage-connection to the wing for the mounting of the plug:

I first made a hole for the plug.

Then the plug was glued into the hole:

This is how it looks from the other side:

The white stripe protects the cables from protruding out of the wing-connection.

Everything was painted and with this the whole preparation for gluing the fuselage-halfs together was finished:

This will be the topic of the next post in which I will also show you how I fixed all the cabling in the bomb-bay and closed it. Additionally I will show you how I build and improved the Upkeep mine and it’s equipment.

Hope you enjoyed my post and looking forward to meeting you again in my blog.

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