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Building engines and preparation of engine-nacelles for electronics

Hi again in my blog. As stated in the last post I will describe today how I built the model engines and how I prepared the engine nacelles for the electronic installation.

I will not describe how I assembled the E-engines into the crankcases. This was already superbly shown by Bernard Demer in his blog.

I just want to show you how I prepared the crankcase backside for the engine-plug:

On the front side I test-fitted the engine pins in order to find out if they run freely:

Where necessary I reworked the reduction gear. In the photo you can also see the Eduard brass faces for the coolers. I installed them because they are quite visible from the outside.

Next step was to paint the engine-parts visible from the outside. These are the cooler faces, the exhaust stacks and the flame dampers covering the exhaust stacks:

The exhaust stacks were first painted flat black and then received a drybrushing with silver and reddish brown.

The cooler faces were painted with Alclad II aluminum:

This is how the flame dampers look like when installed. They were painted RAF night from the inside and then glued in place:

Next thing to do was to prepare the engine nacelle parts for the cabling. It is necessary to drill bigger holes because of the plugs which have to run through them.

For the outside engines it is only necessary to rework the engine bulkhead because there is enough space for the cables which run to the engines:

For the inner engines not only the bulkhead but also the part of the nacelle which houses the main landing gear has to be reworked:

The hole on the right is for the plug for connecting the engine cable with the engine. The square on the left is part of the cable channel for the cable harness running from the wing-to-fuselage connecting plug to the engines, speakers and position lights.

It is necessary to make such a channel because the flaps construction is assem-bled immediately behind the nacelle and there would be no space for the harness.

The bulkhead was prepared equal to the

ones of the outer engines:

Last but not least I will show you some photos of the completed nacelles ready for installation on the wings:

Outer engine with Eduard brass parts (FOD-net) attached in front of the cooling inlet.

The upper engine cowlings on all engines were glued in place after nacelles installation on the wings.

The next post will deal with the corrections necessary on the wing surfaces (2 other big faults made by HK...🤨) and the preparation and assembly of the electronics into the wings. I hope that you liked this post and hope to see you again soon!

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