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Bomb-Aimers Compartment and Aiming-Tool

Hello again. Today I will show you how I detailed the Bomb-Aimers working-place and how I scratchbuild his special aiming-tool developed specially for the Dams-Raid.

As already stated Eduard did not deliver anything for the detailing of the bomb-aimers compartment. So I had to scratchbuild a lot and use Airscale Decals once again.

But first I want to show you the special aiming-device used for the Dams-Raid:

It was used to release the bomb at the correct distance to the dam-wall which was 400-450 yards.

When the aimer looked through the hole and the 2 nails matched with the turrets on the dam the distance was correct to release the bomb. Scratchbuilding was done with plasti-sheet, fine wire and rests of a brass-sheet.

Test-fit in the hand of the FE to check regarding correct size:

Painted and weathered:

For the detailing of the bomb-aimers boxes I added some wiring because it is highly visible through the bulb-window.

I also upgraded the boxes with some Airscale placards.

This is how it looks like:

Left side:

Right side:

The bomb-aimer lay on the emergency-exit. It has quite a lot of visible details but nothing is provided by HK or Eduard.

Again Sven helped me with custom-printed

decals. The rest is scratchbuild out of old harness, metal-stripes and bent wire:

and assembled in the compartment:

I also added a parachute for the bomb-aimer out of an ICM-RAF-Pilot-Set:

This is how it all looks like from the outside:

This was all for today. Next time I will show you how I build and detailed the turrets and the canopy. See you soon.

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Very nice work but i think you need to check the yellow hand rail on the one side f the interior i am lead to believe that it is a hand rail installed into the lancaster at lincoln for visitors to access the front of the bomber safely

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