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Applying dark green and RAF Night to the tail

Welcome back to my blog. Today I will continue with the description of applying the dark green camouflage color to the tail and fuselage and RAF Night to the tail.

The first thing to do was to preshade the surfaces which will be painted dark green.

This is necessary to achieve the same painting result as for the dark earth.

This is how the fuselage looks like after

having finished the preshading:

Right side

Left side

and from above

The painting of the dark green was done with the same method used for dark earth:

  1. 0,2mm nozzle

  2. 2,5 bar pressure

  3. first coat 50-50 mix original color-thinner

  4. 2nd coat 30-70 mix lightened color-thinner to light up panels

  5. 3rd coat 20-80 mix original color-thinner to blend the color in

Here are some pictures of the result:

The tail

The central fuselage

The front

After everything had dried I removed the masks to see if everything was ok and to compare the results of the 2 colors.

The masks really worked well and there was no paint going under them and there was no paint torn away when removing them.

This is how it looks like without the masks:

Left tail

Right tail

Central fuselage

Front fuselage

The office

Fuselage and tail from above

The result came out as I expected it to be.

The color will change its appearance to the real hue when flat varnish is applied. AK people are really clever!😉

Now I could start painting the RAF Night.

As already stated before this color isn‘t black but a dark bluish grey. Therefore it was possible to use the same application-method as for the brown and green. But I had to be more careful to achieve a similar effect.

I started with the application of the preshading and completely masked the upper side to avoid overspray destroying the applied colors:

Then I airbrushed the original color, lighted up the panels and finally blended everything in. This is how it looks like finished. Taking photos is much more complicated due to the slight differences between the colors:

Right tail

Left tail

Left end disk with rudder, outside

and inside

Right end disk, outside

and inside

This was all for today. Next time I will show you the results of the fuselage painted RAF Night and the application of

the 4 fin-flashes to the end disks with the

replacements I got from TopNotch masks.

Have a nice weekend and see you soon!

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