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F8 Crusader - Lights set and sound - 1/32

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Product Details
Circuit: MSM-12x3-R
Email: Military Airplane

This configuration fits any 1/32 scale Vought F8 Crusader and reproduces the full navigation light system and an original soundtrack for the airplane on taxiway, starting and shutting down the engine.

What's in the box ?
  • 1 x HighTech UV Glue
  • 2 x 2 Nano Leds for Wing navigation lights
  • 2 x Nano Led for Tail navigation lights
  • 1 X 10mm flickering Led for the exhaust
  • 2 x Nano Leds for upper and lower flashing anti-collision beacons
  • 1 x Nano Led for Starboard landing light
  • 2 x Nano Leds for cockpit & panel switches
  • Luminescent Air recognition stripes.
  • A4 battery holder (Batteries not included)
  • Electronic circuit
  • 1 X 28mm speaker

The navigation lights are plain. ading out. The beacons are flashing asynchronously.

The kit is of course Plug & Play.

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