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F104 Starfighter - Lights set and SOUND - 1/32

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This Lighting kit and sound fits any 1/32 scale F104 Starfighter kit and reproduces the full navigation light system on Taxi Way Checklist

Airplane on Taxi Way Checklist animation

Reproduction in sequence of the operations performed by the crew from boarding to take-off

1) Cockpit lights and console switchs on

2) Navigation lights on - Cockpit lights off

3) Exhaust on

4) Landing and Taxi lights on

5) Anti-collision beacons On

2 minutes All on

Shutdown in the reverse sequence

30 seconds All off

Start of a new cycle

What's in the box ?

- 2 x Nano Leds for Air intakes navigation lights

- 2 x Nano Leds for Wing tips/tanks navigation lights

- 2 x Nano Leds for Aft Orange Identification light

- 2 x Nano Leds for Aft White Identification light

- 1 x Nano Led for Fuselage Upper Beacon

- 1 x Nano Led for Fuselage Lower Beacon

- 1 x 10mm Flickering Led for Exhaust

- 2 x Nano Led for Landing lights

- 1 x Nano Led for Taxi light

- 2 x Nano Led for Cockpit Panels

- AIr formation lights (Luminescent sticker)

- 1 x HighTech UV Glue

- 1 Speaker

2500+ F104 Starfighters have flow from 1958 till 2004 for 15+ countries. Many light configurations are possible. Depending on the period, air force and theater, the Navigation lights can be plain or fading in/fading out lights. Aft beacons are flashing on most of the available videos but upper and lower fuselage beacons are not often present. Please, select your favorite configuration..

The kit is of course Plug & Play and feed by 4 x AA Batteries or, in option, any of our alternative power supply

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