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Uboat VII - Generation 2 ONLY - Option sound reduction

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Option Sound reduction

Complementary option to the Electronic set dedicated to the 1/48 Trumpetrer Uboat (Not included)

As every configuration will be different (Model displayed in glass cabinet, in a small open air place or museum open space, it is quite impossible for us to pre-program the most appropriate sound level to your project. By consequence, we have aimed for the highest sound level manageable by the full range speaker, which will provide between 70 and 80 decibels.

Whenever that would be to loud for your environment, the sound reduction option offers two reduction levels of 10 dbs. Please, do take into account that these are not linear values but well exponentials. A reduction of 20 dbs out of 80 dbs is far more than 25%.

The option is composed by 3 extension cables of 10 cms, male to female, to be connected between the circuit board and the 60mm full range speaker.

One cable is neutral, 2 cables have been upgraded with a resistance to reduce the sound level by 10 decibels

By consequence,

With no extension cable, the volume of the sound delivered is between 70 and 80 dbs

With one neutral and one of the upgraded cable, the sound level will be reduced between 60 and 70 dbs

With both upgraded cables, the sound level will be reduced between 50 and 60 dbs

Complete instructions for the electronics of the Uboat VII are provided. Please, refer to section 5.1 for details regarding Sound level reduction

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