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Uboat VII - Generation 2 ONLY - Option More Lights

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Option – More Lights

Complementary option to the Electronic set dedicated to the 1/48 Trumpetrer Uboat (Not included)

You would like more LEDs than the standard offer of 45 to highlight even more details. As every Sub will be different, we can really advise where to place these additional lights.

It is your project and very little historical material is available today to support or contradict any choice made. Our basic offer is based on best logic. Nothing more. So, please, feel free to go your own way for these additional lights

The option is composed by 2 Hubs and additional NanoLeds warm white (7 or 14, your choice).

The hubs can be plugged on the same way as a NanoLed is plugged on the circuit board (see picture immediately hereabove) and the additional NanoLeds will be plugged on the same way on the 8 available slots of each hub. In other terms, if you plug one of the hub on channel 10 for example, all the NanoLeds connected on that hub will behave on the same way as the NanoLeds connected directly on the channel 10 of the circuit board.

The most logical approach would be to extent the white warm day light lightning by connecting the hubs on channels 10 and 11. But it will work as well for any other channel (3=Diesel compartment, 5=Navigation lights, 6=Combat stations blue lights and 9=Night shift red lights)

Complete instructions for the electronics of the Uboat VII (V3-01) are provided. Please, refer to section 5.5.3 for details regarding Additional Lights

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