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AC/DC power adaptor for USA

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AC/DC power adaptor for USA

Once you build heavy configurations such as such as 1/32 Multi-engines (Lancaster, B-25 Mitchell or B-17 Flying Fortress) or the 1/48 Uboat U-VII, the multiple engines, LEDs and very large soundtracks are quite demanding regarding the power supply.

AA Batteries are quite universal but offer a limited capacity. Once the batteries are reaching the lower side, the sound start to go banana.

On the opposite, AC/DC power adaptor are connected to the local sector and are not limited. Please, be sure to select the one corresponding to your local format (EU, UK, USA)

Ready to connect on Magic Scale Modeling electronic circuits.

It can be substituted to the battery holder provided with the electronic kit and provides a stable power input. You can revert any time back to the battery holder whenever required.

Input : AC/100-240V / 50-60 Hz

Output : 6V - 2A

Electric wire length : 80cm - 31inch

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