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Avro Lancaster - 1/48 - Motors, Sound & Lights set - Taxiway

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Circuit: MSM-2xSpk-R
Email: Military Airplane

This electronic set is designed for the Tamiya 1/48 scale Lancaster and for the benefit of Advanced Scale Plastic modelers.

The electronic is Plug & Play and do not require any understanding of electricity or electronics.

This configuration reproduces one by one the different steps from the crew getting on board till the roaring of the Merlin engines before take off, including the full navigation, landing and cockpit-Cabin lights system.

Thanks to a priviledged access, the soundtrack has been recorded live in May 2019 at the Lincolnshire Heritage Center, where Lancaster NX611 'Just Jane' is restored, maintained and operated. The circuit board has been programmed accordingly and starts-up the 4 different engines as shown on our real life and scale model videos

Please, look at the detailed builds on our Blog (1/32 HK Model) :

  • by Bernard Demer
  • by Kai Reckstadt

Please, look also at the different videos on our YouTube channel

The Electronic kit will reproduce in sequence :

1) Crew gets on board : Cabin and gun stations : lights on

2) External power supply on : Dashboard on, cabin lights off

3) Pre-flight check list : Wings and Tail navigation lights on

4) Clearance check : Landing lights on, gun stations off

5) Engine nr 3 starts

6) Engine nr 4 starts

5) Engine nr 2 starts

5) Engine nr 1 starts

Taxiway warming up from low to high RPMs

... and Shutdown in reverse sequence

The configuration contains :

- 1 x HighTech UV Glue

- 4 x M60 engines

- 3D Printed parts for Engines & Propellers perfect allignment

- 2 x NanoLeds for Wings navigation lights

- 2 x NanoLed for Tail navigation lights

- 4 x NanoLeds for Cabin & gun stations lights

(Bomber, Cockpit, Radio-Navigator, Dorsal gunner, Fuselage Door & Rear gunner)

- 2 x 50mm full range Speakers

- 1 x programmed IT Circuit board MSM-8x2-2xSPK-R

- Power supply :

- 4 x Standard AA Batteries holder with switch On/off (No batteries included)

Like any other Magic Scale Modeling electronics, this set is really Plug & Play ...

No engineer required, No Welding, No resistances ...

Just build your model around

Available Options

- Dambusters low altitude Spotlights

addition of 2 x NanoLeds

- Landing lights

addition of 2 x NanoLeds

Offered as an option as barely or not detailed most plastic models

- 'Wireless power supply' :

No cabling exiting the airplane, but contact by magnets throught the wheels

Hereafter, Thanks to Brian Gear, please find a link to a very insteresting source of information : Virtual 3D Tour of 'Just Jane' :

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