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Airbus A400M - Sound, Motors & Lights set for Revell 1/72 scale

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Circuit: MSM-12x3-R
Email: Military Airplane

This electronic kit fits the Cargo bay of every 1/72 scale Airbus A400M and reproduces the full navigation light system and engines.

You will ear the incredible sountrack of the 4 turboprops with stereo effect.

Warning : Due to small size of 1/72 scale Aircraft, we do not recommend it as a first MSM experience.

Contain of the lightning kit :

- 1 x HighTech UV Glue for clear parts & LEDs

- 4 x M60 engines

- 2 x Full range stereo speakers

- 2 x NanoLeds for Wings navigation lights

- 1 x NanoLed for Tail navigation light

- 2 x NanoLeds for Wings 'Radar warning' lights

- 2 x NanoLeds for Landing lights

- 2 x NanoLeds for Upper and Lower beacons

- 1 x NanoLed for the cockpit

- 1 strip of Leds for the cargo

- 3D Printed parts for engine-Propeller allignment

- 3D Printed parts for smooth integration of cargo strip of Leds

- Building instructions in English

The kit is of course Plug & Play and feed by Battery holder of 4 x Standard 1.5v AA alcaline batteries.

Plastic kit and Batteries are not included.


Configuration :

Airplane on Taxi Way, starting up the engines

Reproduction in sequence of the operations performed by the crew from boarding to take-off

1) Crew gets on board : Cockpit and Cargo lights on

2) Start up of 1st engine

3) Upper and Lower beacons flashing

4) Navigations lights fadding in and out (as usual for NATO modern aircrafts)

5) Start up of 2nd, 3rd and 4th engines

6) Wings 'Radar Warning' lights on

7) Landing lights on

Shutdown in the reverse sequence

Automatic cycle after 2:30

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