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Uliminated Dashboard

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Bringing more Magic in the cockpit ... Piece of cake with our Plug & Play lights sets

Example based on the Revell 1/32 F4UCorsair ...

That venerable kit has NEVER EVER been planned for lights ... At least, that is what I tought before opening the box.

Surprise, surprise ... Molded dashboard plus Decals ...

Hereafter, the dashboard has been airbrushed in flat black primer and dry brushed with white humbrol enamel.

The cadrans are beautiful once illuminated from their backside ...

Whenever NO decals would be included in the kit you have choosen, Don't panic because some smart Aftermarker companies such as Airscale have forseen the point and can ease you pain by providing very high quality and accurate cockpit instruments and plackard decals.

... Ok, now that all ingredients are in place ... Let's start cooking ...

First of all, let's prepare the Dashboard itself by drilling the cadrans out. Take care as this is precision work. Apropriate tools, patience and accuracy are here required.

Using a sharp edge to mark the center of the cadran. The point is to prevent the drills to deviate from that point during the drilling process.

And here we go ... Very small diameter for a good start. A drill of 0.8mm looks like a good balance : Strong enough to go through plastic and fine enough to maximum accuracy

and increasing step by step ...

Last step : Maximum precision is obtained with the Conical knife

The decal is placed on some acetate extracted from kitchen waist ...

And cut at the appropriate size ...

Double side tape at the back side of the Dashboard.

By the way, before placing the tape, it might be a good idea to paint it in silver-chrome to maximize the light intensity.

Superposition ... Once ok, just a gentle push and ... done

Light test ...


I have dupplicated the dashboard panel in Evergreen plastic and fix it at the backside of the dashboard. The future light will take place between the 2 panels, which will prevent the whole cockpit to be illuminated.

... to be continued ...

Thanks for your kind interrest,


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