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Vought Chance F4U Corsair - Electronics : Motors, Lights and Sound set - 1/32

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Product Details
Circuit: MSM-2xSpk-R
Email: Military Airplane

This Electronic sets will fit any F4U Corsair kit at 1/32 scale, but may require some include plastic surgery.

it reproduces the navigation light system, an illuminated dashboard and the roaring engine.

Click here for Dominique Courtet's 1/32 Tamiya F4U

Click here for a video of the prototype with Sound

The configuration contains :

- Dedicated and detailed Building instructions

- 1 x HighTech UV Glue

- 2 x Nano Leds for Wing navigation lights

- 1 x Nano Led for Tail navigation light

- 1 x Nano Led for Landing light

- 1 x Nano Led for Dashboard

- 1 x M70 electrical engine

- 1 x support for Power supply (4 x AA standard batteries)

- 1 x speaker 28mm (Option sound only)

The lights are managed according the video attached. The kit is of course Plug & Play and is feed by 4 standard batteries AA

Taxiway cycle :

Once powered up,

1) Dashboard goes on - Pilot gets on board

2) All navigation lights goes on - pre-flight check

3) Starts of the engine : Ignition, warming up, full speed ahead.

4) Everything goes down in the reverse sequence.

The kit is entirely Plug & Play ... No understanding of electricity or electronics required

Detailed build of this combo in our Blog

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