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Uboat VII 1/48th Trumpeter - Generation 2 - Light & Sound electronic set

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Circuit: MSM-6x45-R
Email: Uboat

This configuration has been designed for the incredible Trumpeter 1/48th Uboat VII, which is the most detailed submarine ever produced. More details can be found in the kit than on the real scale one (lol).

Click here for Didier Poncelet's U-555

Click here for Jan Verstraete' U-VII

Virtual 360° visit of U995, the last Uboat VII preserved at Laboe, Germany

That amazing level of internal + external detail level and the crew desserve more life on board.

Transform your kit into a Museum quality and very accurate living model, to a level NEVER SEEN BEFORE.

The electronic set is entirely 'Plug & Play' and drives 40+ NanoLeds and accurate soundtrack, in order to reproduce cycles of life on board :

1) Leaving Keroman, or Navigation in friendly waters :

Navigation lights on, all white day lights are on, military music soundtrack

2) Start of Diesels, or Leaving the harbour and heading for the Atlantic

Sound of the real Engines starting, Navigation lights on and day lights flickering during ignition

3) Night cruise, still under air & surface protection

Navigation lights on and night red lights on, Variety music soundtrack

4) ALARM ... Every one rushs in the front compartment

Navigation lights off and Quiet mode blue lights on flashing, soundtrack : crew rushing and sub diving

5) Quiet mode : deep dive

Navigation lights off, and Quiet blue lights on, soundtrack : ping ping ping

6) Hunted ...

Navigation lights off, and Quiet blue lights on, soundtrack : Kaboooooomm

The entire cycle takes 7 minutes to complete. At the end, it starts again but will select randomly the musical soudtracks to avoid endless repetitions.

Content of the kit :

- 1 x HighTech UV Glue

- 1 x Circuit 6 CHl x 45 + SD Card driver

- 1 x SD Card 8GB Class 10

- 6 x Nano Leds White cold for Blue lights in quiet mode - 100 cms

- 7 x Nano Leds White cold for Red lights in night time mode - 100 cms

- 26 x Nano Leds White cold for White lights in day time mode - 100 cms

- 4 x Nano Leds White cold for Navigation lights (Red, Green, White) - 100 cms

- 1 x Speaker Full Range 3w 8 Omhs

The kit is of course Plug & Play and feed by 4 x Standard AA 1.5v batteries holder with switch on/off. (Batteries are not included)

Detailled Instructions are sent as electronic . Pdf files by email after order confirmation

Two complementary Options are available

More LEDs

The standard offer of 43 NanoLeds highlight every compartment on a very efficient and logical way.

The option 'More Leds' will add between 8 Leds

Option Sound reduction

As every configuration will be different (Model displayed in glass cabinet, in a small open air place or museum open space, it is quite impossible for us to pre-program the most appropriate sound level to your project. By consequence, we have aimed for the highest sound level manageable by the 60mm full range speaker, which will provide between 70 and 80 decibels.

Whenever that would be to loud for your environment, the sound reduction option offers two reduction levels of 10 dbs. Please, do take into account that these are not linear values but well exponentials. A reduction of 20 dbs out of 80 dbs is far more than 25%.

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