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Tracking Shipments

By placing your order on our web site, you have in fact created an entry in our database, which will track the end to end completion of your order.

The workflow management process immediately confirms the order by email and the order status moves to 'Awaiting processing'. This is where the E-set will come out of the warehouse or will be assembled. Once the box completed, the expedition team takes over.

The expedition process starts by the creation of a Shipment label on the application of the Belgian International Post office. The label is fixed on you package, which is now ready to go.

At this stage, the tracking ID is already visible, at least in the Belgian Post International App.

Keep in mind that the package might be ready to go for a few days as we usually ship at the end of the week.

Once the box sealed, we update the order database with the Shipment tracking ID, and the workflow management send you a new email.

Another tracking method might be 17TRack :

Ooppppsss Sometimes, you have to go one level further ...

... and ...

----------- MAGIC !!!!!!!!

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