Combo HKM B-25 Mitchel 1/32 + Plug and play Electronic set (Engines, Sound & Lights)

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Special offer : only one piece available !

This unique one time offer combines :

- The HKM 1/32 B-25 J "The Strafer" plastic kit

- Plug and play electronic kit (lights, sound and engines)

It reproduces one by one the different steps from the crew getting on //board till the roaring of the engines Wright R-2600 before take off, including the full navigation, landing and cockpit light system.

Some parts have been detached from the spures to take pictures (illustrations in our building instructions).

One piece (R9) has been adapted to facilitate the integration of the M60 electric engine.

All other parts are in original plastic bags.

The Lightning kit will reproduce in sequence :

1) Crew gets on board : Cabin and gun stations : lights on

2) Dynamos & Batteries on : Dashboard on, cabin lights off

3) Pre-flight check list : Wings and Tail navigation lights on

kit4) Clearance check : Landing lights on, gun stations off

5) Left engine start

6) Right engine start

... and Shutdown in reverse sequence

The configuration contains :

- 1 X 1/32 HKM B-25J kit

- 1 x HighTech UV Glue

- 2 x M60 engines

- 2 x NanoLeds for Wings navigation lights

- 1 x NanoLed for Tail navigation lights

- 4 x NanoLeds for Cabin & gun stations lights

- 2 x NanoLeds for Dashboard

- 2 x NanoLeds for Landing lights

- 2 x Speakers (If Sound is selected)

- 1 x programmed IT Circuit board MSM-8x2-2xSPK-R

- Power supply :

- 4 x Standard AA Batteries holder with switch On/off (No batteries included)

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