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B-17 Flying Fortress - 1/48 - Motors, Sound & Lights set - Taxiway (HK Models, Monogram, Revell)

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Circuit: MSM-2xSpk-R
Email: Military Airplane

The configuration reproduces one by one the different steps from the crew getting on board till

the roaring of the Pratt & Whitney R-1690 Hornet radial engines engines before take off, including the full navigation,

landing and cockpit-Cabin-Battle stations lights system.

Our program is based on original soundtracks recorded at the Yankee Air Museum (Detroit, USA) by the restoration team who has restored, maintain and flys B-17G serial number 44-85829 'Yankee Lady' 'Yankee Lady' (see our web page dedicated to Kai Wolter). The circuit board has been programmed accordingly and starts-up the 4 different engines.

The Electronic kit is dedicated to the following plastic 1/48 kits :

Please choose the appropriate option when purchasing (Dedicated 3D Printed parts).

The Electronic kit will reproduce in sequence :

1) Crew gets on board : Cabin lights on

2) Pre-flight check list : Wings and Tail navigation lights on

3) Clearance check : Landing lights on, gun stations off

4) Engine nr 2 starts

5) Engine nr 1 starts

6) Engine nr 3 starts

7) Engine nr 4 starts

Taxiway warming up from low to high RPMs

... and Shutdown in reverse sequence

Live demonstration on Volker's video :

The configuration contains :

- 1 x HighTech UV Glue

- 4 x M60 engines

- 3D Printed parts for Engines & Propellers perfect allignment, specific depending on manufacturer (Revell, Monogram, HKM)

- 2 x NanoLeds for Wings navigation lights

- 2 x NanoLeds for Wings landing lights

- 1 x NanoLed for Tail navigation light (Not existing on B-17 version G)

- 2 NanoLeds for Front Cockpit & Bomber station lights

- 2 x 28mm full range Speakers

- 1 x programmed IT Circuit board MSM-8x2-2xSPK-R

- 1 x battery holder of 4 x standard 1.5v AA Batteries (batteries not included)

Available Option

- 'Wireless power supply' : No cabling exiting the airplane, but contact by magnets throught the wheels

Please, have look at Volker's (Germany) amazing work

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