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An example of 1/32 scale model with Light, engine, ... and sound

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Every large scale model can be drastically upgraded with our electronic sets.

As illustration and, maybe to provide some guidance, I have choosen an Iconic WW2 airplane : The F4U Corsair ....

Why the Revell ??? Because, it would be at least a very good base for a very first experience with electronics ... and because I just loooooove vintage kits. Would that be a sign that I am becoming vintage myself ?

The odds :

- The kit has been released back in 1970 ... close to 50 years ago

- The sprues shows some flashs to be removed

- Level of details and precision compared to Tamiya and other Trumpeters

- The Plus :

- Very, very, very cheap kit and easy to find

- Decent level of details for me : Engine, cockpit, and ... Folded wings

- Clear difference between fabric and metal surfaces

- Lights ... Yessssss. Wings do have transparent parts for the navigation lights and the tail navigation light is designed on the kit

- Decals for the dashboard and cokpit panels

Reasonably detailed 18 cylinders Pratt & Whitney engine

Hehehehe ... Already forseen for wing navigation lights with transparent plasic covers ...

The tail navigation light is also present ... By the way, some light molding flashes to be removed

Wings & Fuselage have been painted with black primer, beside the Fabric areas in order to differenciate these surfaces when the airbrush will join the party

So, let's have a go with that good old kit to demontrate what electrionics can do for large scale aircrafts .... The idea to to break the building parts involving electronics in different posts for further guidance or reference purposes.

All what we'll do here wil also be applicable to more detailed and sophisticated F4U kits and even other models

The Plastic kit is still available today under the reference Revell 04781


The Electronics set is available here

The Combo box offering the Revell plastic model + the electronics is available here

Many thanks for your kind interest,


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